Tracks: Racing the Sun

"Every fan of motor racing should read this book" - Mario Andretti

In this epic novel about the motor-racing heroes of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, legendary characters battle to win incredible races on switchback roads along the edges of ravines. Exploring the relationships between the champions as much as the sporting events themselves, this is a thrilling tale based on true rivalries, triumphs and disasters during a fascinating period in European sporting history

"'Tracks' is written in a romantic, nostalgic tone, almost with a film noir feel ... tasty ... an eye-opener."
—Brad Spurgeon, The New York Times
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"Meticulously researched, beautifully crafted, and a captivating read from beginning to end, Tracks: Racing the Sun focuses on the men and women plying their trade and skills in the early days of motor racing, and is breathtakingly told against a rich background of Il Duce’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany."
—The Historical Novel Society (read the FULL REVIEW here)

"Martini writes about the dawn of motor racing, a violent and treacherous sport where men serviced their addiction to speed and etched their names in history with blood. Enjoy riding with the greats, it's a rush." 
—Ben Collins aka Top Gear's The Stig

"Every fan of motor racing should read this book. How the legendary Italian drivers of the past forged the sport we love today with blood and bone.”
—Mario Andretti

"A great read! An incredible tale of skill and courage based on true events."
—Alex Baldolini, 250cc/moto2 WSS rider

"It's racy stuff in more ways than one. [...] The subsequent decade of research has resulted in a dramatic and lively novel, set in an era that has always been ripe for this type of fictional treatment. It would make a good movie."
—Motor Sport Magazine

"A sprawling, adrenaline-drenched story that will appeal even to readers who know next to nothing about auto racing."
Kirkus Reviews (Full Review HERE)

"If you love motor racing, this is definitely the book for you. Martini has written a gripping novel set in the 1930’s when competition was strong between motor racing heroes of Facist Italy and Nazi Germany."
IMDb (full review HERE)

"We’re sold! Tracks heads back to the wild days where it all started; when immeasurable glory was in reach for those courageous enough to do battle with insurmountable odds and the most dire of consequences. Tracks: Racing the Sun witnesses grand prix racing in the ’30s and tells a human story about Man’s quest to master the machine and go ever faster, as the world descended once more into the grip of World War. This early period of motorsport, when men danced on a knife-edge between victory and death, is hugely compelling and Tracks tells its story in a way that’s illuminating and entertaining."
—Motorsports Retro (

"Martini weaves a readable yarn"
—Classic and Sports Car Magazine (August 2014)

"Tracks is a mesmerizing portrait of lives lived on the edge — the excitement and politics of pre-war racing and the legendary drivers addicted to it. Blending fact and fiction, Martini humanizes the names on the starting grids. If you love motor racing, or just love a great story well told, add this book to your library. A great read!"
—Cynthia L. Claes, Former Associate Motorsport Editor at AutoWeek, former Communications Manager at Lotus Cars USA

"[..] this is a fascinating novelization of a time and a group of characters whose real lives have been all too often subsumed in dry, academic prose. Tracks: Racing the Sun is an engaging, enjoyable and entertaining read, and one that I will read again very soon."
—The Virtual Driver - Christopher Sawyer (read the FULL REVIEW here)  

"I recommend this book- especially if you are fan of historical fiction who happens to be a race fan as well as the motorsports enthusiast." 
Amy's Bad Groove

"...a monumental achievement that brings to life the motor racing experience of Italy and Germany during the first half of the twentieth century. It's a remarkable story that is impeccably written and researched."
—Readers' Favorite (Full review HERE)

"Excellent, well researched & historic novel by Sandro Martini of the prewar period with details on the life and careers of many of the top European drivers including Achille Varzi, Tazio Nuvolari, Hans Stuck, Rudy Caracciola & Nazi favorite, Berndt Rosemeyer. Excellent book for history buffs and race fans alike. Racers Drive says 'Check it out'!"
—RacersDrive - Mike Cesario --

"Highly recommended!"
Tilted Horizons (Full Review HERE)

"This is the dawn of motor racing, bright vividly alive."
—Monsters & Critics

"TRACKS grabs racing history by the scruff of the neck and shakes it with an outstanding narrative..." (Full review HERE)
John Davison (Racing Information Services)

"Tracks: Racing the Sun is a novel I can recommend for those who love motor racing and the rich history of the sport. I’ll never know where the historical accuracy ends and fictional enhancements begin, nor do I care very much. I just loved the whole package.", 
Steve Purdy Shunpiker Productions (for THE AUTOCHANNEL -- Full review HERE

"Not too many books do as thorough a job as Sandro Martini, in captivating an audience as well as Tracks: Racing the Sun does. Alex pulls off an amazing 10 years on deep research on a topic that should interest anyone passionate about racing."
Nicolas Zart for CarNewsCafe